Thursday, 31 May 2012

30 injured,2killed in Lagos-Ibadan expressway inferno

Two people confirmed dead in a road traffic accident around Danko Village along Lagos-Ibadan expressway involving three tankers and seven articulated vehicles.
The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) sector commander in Ogun, Ayobami Omiyale said that the accident occurred at about 12:30 noon on Thursday.
According to him, 30 people were involved in the accident that claimed two unidentified persons who were burnt beyond recognition.

The commander noted that five people were critically injured in the accident that was caused by dangerous driving which subsequently led to the fire outbreak from one of the articulated vehicles.
He said that the inferno was extinguished by men of the fire service who were immediately contacted, adding that FRSC was still trying to remove the burnt vehicles and controlling traffic to ease congestion.
He also disclosed that, while the injured were receiving treatment at nearby hospitals, the burnt bodies had been deposited at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH), Sagamu.

Governor Fashola reinstates sacked doctors

Gov.Fashola, has decided to recall  the 788 doctors he sacked.
The governor held a press conference alongside the former governor and leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

During the conference this was what former gov.Tinubu

“The governor has agreed to suspend the dismissal of the doctors and advice that they should go back to their duty posts and follow the right procedure. I don’t see a point of no return here and since people are the cornerstone of the progressive policy of the state, I want to thank the governor for looking at it from the point of view of the people," Tinubu stated. “I want to advice and appeal to the doctors to immediately resume their work in earnest and forget this intractable position."



Maxwell picture -Jessica Simpson’s daughter sold for $800,000.

Finally Jessica Simpson has posed for People magazine to introduce her baby daughter to the world.

Jennifer Lopez is understood to have received $6million from People for snaps of her twins Max and Emme and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt around $11million for the exclusive on their twins Vivienne and Knox.

Interesting!...we await that of Beyonce and J zay with their blue Ivy

Guardiola to emerge as Chelsea Boss

Pep Guardiola wants a face-to-face meeting with Roman Abramovich before deciding whether or not to become Chelsea chief. The new European champions are chasing the ex-Barcelona boss with an £11million-a-year offer.
He has also been promised there will be no pressure on him to win major trophies in his first two years in charge while he reshapes the club. But Guardiola has not yet been won over, despite a meeting with Blues officials in Spain on Monday.
He has demanded talks with Abramovich himself, so he can hear the offer from the horse’s mouth. Abramovich is ready to meet Guardiola, who remains keen on having a year out, and will not take kindly to being snubbed.
A Chelsea source said: “If it takes a big meeting with Abramovich to get the deal done, that’s what must happen.” It all leaves interim boss Roberto Di Matteo no clearer about his future.

But he is not interested in holding the fort for 12 months while Guardiola enjoys a sabbatical.


An American based Nigerian drags 96 year-old father to court for taking second wife

This is the story of Emeka  Mazie  suing his father to court because his father didn’t take permission from him……..Nawo! what a son? I understand your concern but is there no other means to talk him out of it?

A United States-based Nigerian, Emeka Mazie, on Wednesday dragged his 96-year-old father to court for insisting to re-marry after the demise of his wife eight years ago.
The suit with number HU/54/2012 filed before the Umuahia High Court 4, is presided over by Justice Agwu Kalu.
Counsel to the defendant, Ebere Orji, told the court that her client, Israel Mazie, (father of Emeka), had contracted a marriage with Ebere Ndubuka under the Marriage Act, maintaining that the plaintiff (only son of Israel) with his sisters was duly informed before the marriage was contracted.
On the other hand, the Counsel to the Plaintiff, Ann Uchendu, told the court that Israel and Ndubuka had yet to consummate their marriage traditionally, noting the defendants secretly obtained a marriage certificate from Bende Local Government Area of Abia State.

Israel told the court that his decision to re-marry was to get somebody to cook and assist him in keeping the compound clean.

“Since my wife died eight years ago, nobody cooks or assists in cleaning the compound for me. All my children live in America,” he claimed.

The plaintiff told the court that he received with shock the plans of his father to re-marry at his age. He said: “if my father must get another wife, he ought to discuss it with me.”

The Judge on listening to both counsel urged the parties to respect the views of each other, noting that at the plaintiff’s age he would never wish away his first son or the son abandon the father.

 Kalu added that resorting to alternative dispute resolution became imperative as there was no serious dispute to judge on the case.

He adjourned the matter to October 24 for report on settlement.

Onyebuchi Okonkwo UNN student commits suicide this morning

This is the photo which has been on facebook and twitter this morning, that student had a mental illness last year and was hospitalized at UI for one month. Roommates of the dead student said he left the room around 2am this morning and they thought he had gone to study, only for his corpse to be found dangling from a rope this morning. He's a 3rd year Physics and Astronomy student.

Before the suicide he left a note stating "The controversy is over"

What a pity….May his soul rest in peace.

Circumcision -modern-day barbarity “I might as well have sex for money"

I have gotten so many emails this week and one of them was the ‘circumcision’ topic, I once wrote on facebook last year.  After this account, I received many calls and emails from people who were shocked about this "modern-day barbarity" but grateful that I could highlight a sensitive issue often spoken about in hushed tones in Nigeria - female genital mutilation. 
Xpressurselfshow readers have requested I post it on my blog, that it seems this issue is still on  and probably when people see more of it talked about it might put an end to this barbaric act:

One of the lady who I interviewed during my research on female ccircumcision here in Lagos last year( her identity concealed). Without displaying a tinge of emotion, she declared that she became a prostitute as a result of the circumcision. She had been forcibly and crudely circumcised at the age of 8 and now at 28, she was still haunted by the harrowing memory of that event.  Her scars were both physical and emotional. Her abdomen was as hard as a rock as a result of the circumcision,  (which was confirmed different doctors) and she had developed a voracious sexual appetite. She also had never had organism nor had she ever felt loved. “I might as well have sex for money", she stated in a flat voice, "since I don't get any sexual satisfaction from it.

This might sound weird to some people, but it is a reality to some women who went through this ordeal in their early age when they were so little and helpless, an ordeal which they never imagined that would hurt and hunt them for the rest of their lives.

As at two months ago, the last time I heard from this lady(circumcised woman), she has found the love of her life who happens to be a doctor and they are planning to get married at the end of this year, though she is still receiving counseling which ends in the next six months, I could literally feel the joy in her voice when she called.

……………Mmmm! I truly wish her all the best life has to offer. 

With the help of other bloggers, ’circumcision’ the more it is being talked about on social media; I truly hope these horrendous act will come to an end soonest.

 Just in case you know of any woman who is emotionally wrecked because of this, please do show her some love instead of judging her.....the love might help her to be a better person tomorrow.

Police identifies the victim whose 75% of his face was eaten by 31yr old Rudy Eugene

The unfortunate incident that occurred last Saturday, the victim has been identified  as Ronald Poppo, 65-years-old. In case you missed the story HERE is a recap

Michelle Obama revealed that she 'loves Beyonce to death'

From people magazine first lady Michelle Obama(48) said  that if she could switch lives with any celebrity or world figure, she would pick BeyoncĂ©, 30.

Beyoncé called the first lady the "ultimate example of a truly strong African American woman" and wrote, "no matter the pressure, and the stress of being under a microscope, she's humble, loving, and sincere. She builds and nurtures her family, while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways."

Mmmm!We all know that Beyonce’s stage name is Sasha fierce, could this their friendship be part of the reason why Beyonce and Mrs Michelle Obama’s daughter bear the same name ……. Sasha?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mark Zuckerberg Running Out of Cash

Really is Mark running out of cash? What’s happening?

Mark Zuckerberg desperately needed to refill his wallet in Italy yesterday -- stopping by an ATM on the island of Capri ... after losing $1.5 BILLION on his plummeting Facebook stock ... in a matter of hours.

Facebook shares dropped 9.6% yesterday, finishing at a new low of $28.84 -- reducing Mark's net worth from $16.2 billion to $14.7 billion. All told, yesterday's drop raised the stock's losses to 24 percent ... making it the worst-performing large IPO in the last decade.

Yesterday's drop also cost Mark his spot on the world's 40 richest people list.

Grey Velvet Launches

The Grey Velvet has launched its boutique in ikeja, a shop unveiled to show case the best of ladies outfit and also enhance their dress sense.

Fashola says he has no power to recall sacked doctors

The Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola on Wednesday said that he does not possess the powers under the law to overturn the dismissal of the 788 medical doctors recently sacked for allegedly embarking on illegal strike action.

Mr Fashola, who spoke on a live state-wide televised panel discussion with the editors of THISDAY Newspapers, the SUN Newspapers, and the Producer of InsideOut Talk Show, Aderoju Adepoju, said the dismissal of the doctors was not his making and that he lacked the power and right as the state governor to either sack or employ doctors.
“I cannot reverse the sack. It is not in my powers to do so. I will not be able to do just as I cannot affect their promotion. It is the Health Service Commission (HSC) that will promote them. I will not be here after three years,” he said.

The panel’s discussion, which was aired on Lagos Television, was organised to mark Mr Fashola’s fifth anniversary. The governor confirmed that 34 of the 788 dismissed medical personnel had been reabsorbed having appealed to the HSC and Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), both of which he described as their employers. “So, it is not about me.

It is about institutions. I have made efforts to ensure a final resolution to the prolonged strike hence the recall of the 34 doctors. But the affected doctors have to appeal. “Anyone who appeals should be recalled, but they have to take the step.

Let them go to their employers and resolve the issue. Any doctor who still wants to remain can have their jobs back and engage with their employers,” he said. Mr Fashola said that the Health Commission is the body responsible for determining the fate of the doctors in the state. He urged the sacked doctors to appeal to the commission over their dismissal.

Responding to questions on whether the state government breached the agreement with the doctors, Mr Fashola said the state government had overstressed beyond its capacity to ensure the doctors were comfortable due to the important service they provide.

Joke of the day

The 35-year-old , Brazilian pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos has achieved overnight celebrity in his local area when the green paint  he used  to mimic hulk refused to wash off. It was only after being scrubbed by a gang of friends and neighbours for 24 hours that Paulo finally removed the stubborn staining.

Awww! even his mum
has offered to wash too.

What one of MKO’s daughters said about the renaming of UNILAG to MAU

Pa Enebeli Elebuwa Exposes Pastor Sign Fireman

Live on African Independent Television (AIT) this morning,  presenter, Gbenga Aruleba reported that investigation was carried out that  Pa Elebuwa video where he was healed is false that his condition has not improved after his visit to Fireman’s church some days ago.
According to the report, Pa Elebuwa was interviewed and he claimed that his condition has not improved after his visit to Fireman’s church some days ago.

The report further disclosed that the actor is presently lying critically ill in one of the hospitals in Abuja where he is currently being taken care of by Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, who is paying the bills.

So the video we all watch which showed Enebeli struggling to walk during the healing service done for the pastor and thereafter in a matter of days, Enebeli would be able to walk well is fake or what?

Lisa Woods launches fashion line in Lagos

Formerly UK based Lisa Wood last weekend launches her fashion line in Lagos, Nigeria with a mini fashion parade.

The designer said her work is inspired from random experiences which she got through “seeing fashionable stuff and beautiful things around.”