Friday, 6 May 2016

Hausa and Igbo traders clash in Aba

The clash between the Hausa and Igbo trader started when an Igbo trader reprimanded an Hausa urinating  infront of his shop,at Ariara market in Abia state, which led to the Hausa trader stabbing the igbo trader,leaving three people dead and several people injured.
They angered the Igbo youth and caused them to kill and burn the Hausa trader causing the clash to escalate.

Meanwhile reports also have it that a soldier shot and killed two young men yesterday. The unnamed soldier in mufti, reportedly went to the abattoir to smoke Indian hemp after which he refused to pay, claiming he was a soldier. The situation led to a fracas with some boys in the area, who insisted he must pay, without knowing that the man was a soldier.

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