Monday, 31 July 2017

I'm phenomenal but not perfect - Vivien Nwandu

Do 100 things right& someone will still point out 1 thing you did you point one finger at that person....three fingers are pointing back to you😱😱😱...yes o! No filters on my pix ... What you see is what you get.
  Have a phenomenal week!

Saturday, 29 July 2017


Be who you are & say what you feel,Cuz Those Who Mind  Don't Matter & Those who MATTER Don't  Mind....#prodigymobbdeep.....I felt like not wearing make up and just  wearing my natural hair that is over due........ #allnaturel😍😜😜

Friday, 21 July 2017

Rock singer Chester Bennington dies the same way as his friend Chris Cornell

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide at his home in LA at age of 41,he hanged himself  just same way his close friend, Chris Cornell, who committed suicide in May.

Who believes Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy had this on his IG post !!!!! do you believe him?.....that was how Banky Wellington made us believe he was looking for a wife when he had already sealed the deal.....
THE POST THO.....Hilarious.....

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tantra which is an ancient yoga gives a couple 18 hour orgasm

According to Melanie and Scott McClure they claim that love-making to breathing, dancing, and the weather condition can cause them to orgasm. They proved this by sharing a video where their bodies were quaking intensely from an orgasm which resulted from them hugging. They say they can even orgasm without touching at all and one of them can reach orgasm simply by watching the other orgasm. They even sometimes have orgasms with friends. 
“Melanie and I can even have orgasms with friends we’ve never had sex with but whom we practice Tantra with. A few months ago, we went camping with two friends and we were all having orgasms from the lightning bolts outside," Scott said.

Luck/time&chance – Vivien Nwandu

Some people put so much effort without achieving their expected goals others little effort and achieve more than expected...... Could that be the reason why some concluded that what will be will be? Some people meet& they are compatible, everything clicks but can't get married why???? Because it was wrong timing either from d woman or d man!!! Either he or she wasn't ready at d time! Or u start off  businesses out of 5  one of it blossoms while d rest fold up meanwhile it was same energy& time you devoted to all of them #time&chance Some will travel #roundtheworld to find their life partner yet end up #heartbroken while others just a stroll outside their #home find mrRight/mrsRight......Well I call it  #luck/time&chance

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Its no more called Etisalat

It is called 9mobile and today unveiled their new logo

Psqaure's Peter Okoye to be arrested for speaking about the ban On The Ban Of Music Video Production Abroad

Peter replied him with a funny tweet. He wrote:

''Abeg make him Oder Egusi, pounded yam and goat meat join for the arrest. I knw those youth will start from 70 and above. Onye ala #Ndiala''

See what lead his repy..

We read the scurrilous remarks credited to Mr Peter Okoye of the Psquare group against the Federal Government’s job-saving policy in the entertainment industry with great anger and vexation. Least of all persons to make scathing remark against the government is the Psquare group which the local content policy of the Federal Government dusted-up from the valley of obscurity. Where was Peter Okoye or Psquare brand in 1999 when foreign music dominated our airwaves? If not for the government policy which mandated all broadcast stations in Nigeria to pay attention to Nigerian music by playing 95 percent of Nigerian songs every day, would Peter Okoye or Psquare be known to anybody in Nigeria today? Or would they have competed with better American music which dominated our airwaves then? After the government have used its policy to brush them up from nothing to something; instead of giving opportunity to other people, they are taking Nigerian jobs to foreign countries through the shooting of music videos abroad. Now that government have intervened to raise great and better entertainers again, Peter Okoye has the gut to insult the entire Federal Government by calling our great leaders ‘Ndi Ala’ which means mad and stupid people. How dare you say that Psquare? We, therefore, urge the security agencies in the country to arrest Mr Peter Okoye for disrespecting our government and bringing it to a disrepute. If you cannot produce in Nigeria and hire Nigerians, then leave the industry.We must export Nigerian culture to the outside world through our music and videos.