Sunday, 26 February 2017

No DNA relationship Churchill between Obasanjo plus Mr. Churchill "dirty" secret

I don’t know why Tonto Dikeh's marriage is turning really ugly,,,I hope eventually they settle amicably

@Fashionshade has been blocked by Tonto Dikeh's husband, Mr. Churchill, for exposing some things he allegedly did in Ghana in the past "Thank you bigchurchhaven for deceiving Tonto. You know very well that you do yahoo, 419, and scam people yet you went and married her just to cover up your dirty deals! You come back home after snifing some white powder and turn your wife into a punching bag, you lied to her that you are Obasanjo's son yet no trace of your DNA related to Oba. Don't worry the karma of the deal you striked last two years in Ghana and all the girls you decieved in ghana that you are Obasanjo's son awaits you on this earth or in hell. As for you rosymeurer we don't care if you are his dustbin you said you are his PA and nothing attached to it and he said he doesn't have any female that works for him as a PA. Men Beware of this green snake bc her karma will come not only with HIV but With korokoro if truly you had any affair with this guy. BEWARE OF BIGCHURCHHAVEN CHARMS, BEWARE OF HIM, YOU CAN'T HIDE TOO LONG IN NIGERIA. I WAS WONDERING WHY THEY TAGGED HIM SUCCESS BUILDER ON MONEY HE SCAMMED FROM PEOPLE?"

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