Tuesday, 23 August 2016

On the story of the 50year old woman who was murdered in her home in VGC by her gate man.

According to Vanguard, Mabel Okafor, a business woman,who lived alone in her palatial duplex at House J68B, Close 9, VGC, Ajah,she lived alone and her former guard was the person who introduced the new gateman two months ago to work for her,

She was found in a pool of blood, by her new guard over N20k his salary which was not paid.

“Nobody knew that the woman was dead until last Friday. We learned that she was stabbed last Wednesday, but it was not until her church members visited on Friday that they found her decomposing body. “The gate of the building was only bolted, but not locked when the church members came. “One of them said they became apprehensive after several calls to her mobile telephone indicated that her line was switched off, prompting them to pay her a visit, only to be welcome with a stench from her room. “Her body was found on the floor of the sitting room downstairs, with a knife protruding out of her stomach.

Gate man’s threat

 “After her death, some gate men from the suspected culprit’s ethnic group said he had boasted that he would leave an indelible mark on her madam, following argument over increase in his salary. “They said he claimed he was being paid N20,000 but demanded for an increase of N10,000 but the woman refused. The fleeing gate man was quoted by some gate men here to have argued that he usually washed his madam’s car and also swept the compound.” Another resident, who simply gave his name as Goke, said: “Police have not been able to get the gate man since the incident occurred, neither have they been able to reach the one that brought him. “In fact, the gate man went away with her phone. We have been warned several times to employ private guards from registered security companies, but some landlords here do not heed the advice. “Had the fleeing gate man been employed from a registered company, it would have been easy for police to get him. “How can one who owned a property worth about N300 million not be able to employ the services of a registered security agents, but chose to go for cheap labour?”

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Steve said...

This baffles me,she was alone and have they found the real killer we hear it not the guard.