Sunday, 21 August 2016

Nigerians mourn Mayowa Ahmed death despite being flown abroad, RIP.

Oh no, Mayowa died  today August 21st in a hospital in South Africa this afternoon after battling Ovarian cancer for a while. Good Samaritans in Nigerian over N100million to help save her of the illness.
The money raised was used to fly her to SA on the August 11th for treatment but she did not make it.
 May her soul rest in peace.


Tiffany said...

O no ,she still died,haba why was she not flown to the US as we were told before the whole saga.

Moises said...

Not that i wanted her to die but i knew that her stage of cancer was nothing anyone or the best doctor could have done. May she rest in peace.

Stella said...

God knows best