Monday, 11 July 2016

Nollywood actor Daniel Lloyd has been nominated for City People Entertainment Awards 2016

Aww! Congrats to him…it shows that hard work really pays. Endless traveling  from location to location within  Nigeria and outside the country, hours of  rehearsals, sleepless nights to get the role right has finally paid off.
Guys please vote your very own Daniel Lloyd, as he has been nominated   Most Promising Actor of the Year (English) on City People Entertainment Awards , 2016.

The event takes place on the 24th of July,2016. but voting ends on the 20th of July,2016.

Below is how you vote for Daniel Lloyd via email 
Please all you need   to do is to send the information:
#CPEA2016 = Most Promising Actor of the Year (English)=Daniel Lloyd

Please Note: You are only allowed 1 vote per email. Multiple entries would be disqualified by our automated counter as Powered by Google.
The voting is once every day and it ends on the 20th of July,2016, just scroll to number 7 on the list,you find his name and the title of his nomination.

 click here to see the full City People Entertainment Awards 2016 Nomination Lists + How To Vote

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Isaac said...

Congratulations daniel,i just did.
#CPEA2016 = Most Promising Actor of the Year (English)=Daniel Lloyd
God bless your hustle.

Sam said...

I am beginning to appreciate this guy. Maybe it is too much promotion from Vivien.
He seems to be scandal free and most news I read here is his work.
Thumbs my guy.
I will vote daily to ensure the growth of your nomination.

Sii said...

Do I have to open a gmail account,can we vote with yahoo or must it be gmail

Paula said...

Ode. of course you can use your yahoo.
dont why some people ask dumb questions.
Daniel we are fans o! Aunty Vivien keeps writing good stuff about your work automatically whoever she embraces becomes our own too.
Good luck.
I was tempted to vote umpteen times just for the numbers to increase but i had to restrain myself to stick to the rule.

Oke said...


Keke said...

The link is not going through o,my phone is already hot waiting for the site to come up

Stella said...

Just copy #CPEA2016 = Most Promising Actor of the Year (English)=Daniel Lloyd
That was what i did,did not have the time to go through the list,still at work,maybe at my spare time will see the rest of the nominees.

Chimeze said...

No mind am na cheape phone e get

Gideon said...

Am turn b/w Genevieve and Rita Dominic for the Face of Nollywood nominee

Larry said...

LMBAO! Daniel this your costume is just funny in Nollywood sense,for that you've got my vote.

Steve said...

For this you jungle outfit you gat my back

Kemdi said...

Bayelsa boy doing big thingz
I tule o

Ferred said...

Na homework you hold us o.
everyday vote. I will try.

Rita said...

It is less than 2weeks for vote,that is rather short

Sam said...

na donkey years you wan use vote??????

Caroline said...

Is that a green cornrow on his head? Nigerian movies i cant stand

Yemi said...

Congratulations. and all the best.
Bro e no easy o.
But you are standing strong.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For it will be rigged the winner knows himself or herself already

Kayode said...

egbor. He climbing higher and higher

Udofia said...

Make real bullet no dey that gun,before somebody go wound,Nigerian movies you can't tell the accidents that can occur,it will take forever to get emergency van

Maxwell said...

Ds guy dey expand sha,if am correct,he played a prostrate cancer patient.
I dont watch Nollywood,only read up on social media.

Christopher.B said...

Challenging roles are always better actors than the stupid kiss kiss fake movies i see on Nollywood.
A true actor must diversify if he or she wants to go far.