Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lifting objects with my vagina has improved my sex life.

This is the story of a fitness instructor Kim Anami, a 44 year old  mother who says her Kung Fu practice has made her love life more beautiful :

"My sex life has improved radically and when I started weight lifting with my vagina my partner noticed the difference immediately.I can have multiple orgasms, I'd say ten or fifteen orgasms in a row.I can have an energy orgasm, which means an orgasm with takes place without touch, meaning I can have sex with my partner when he's on the other side of the room or even on the other side of the planet."So even hearing his voice or just thinking about him, I can have an orgasm." "You can just put a jade egg into your vagina, attach a bag and off you go."It's a brilliant domestic tool.I'm telling you.The sky is the limit.I'm fond of kitchen appliances because they're easier to loop things onto and coffee tables are great too." Source: UK Mirror

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