Monday, 15 June 2015

To see the President or the First Lady, you will pay

Just has you heard the president during his inaugural speech”I am for everybody and am for nobody,his wife Aisha Buhari warns  Nigerian with her words,dinner she organized to appreciate APC women at the presidential villa on Saturday June 13th:

"I will like to inform you that in the past regime, whether it is true or false, only God knows, some people were going round and parading themselves as PAs. If you wanted to see the First Lady, you will pay $30,000, $50,000 and if you are seeing the President, you will pay all that you have gathered in your lifetime. This will not happen in our regime. Whoever asks you to give a single penny in the name of coming to see the President or his wife is not our staff. It is a lie, don’t be deceived" she said

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Demola said...

The president and the first lady have spoken,una hear