Sunday, 28 June 2015

Stephanie Okereke& her baby bump,she speaks of what lessons marriage has taught her

She says her husband is her best pal, they are both right for each other, they did the right thing getting married. We strive for perfection. Marriage is about making sure you and the other person have the right chemistry before going into a marriage.
What she has learnt in marriage

Marriage is a long journey; therefore, the lessons are continuous. The fact is that we are communal as a people and we love to have companions. Knowing that you have someone who is your friend and you wake up every morning to do things together is a wonderful feeling. It teaches one to be where one has to compromise and recognise the fact that there are two different individuals coming together to form a marriage. You have to be sensitive to each other’s feelings and aspirations. There must be mutual respect between the couple. Marriage has taught me that being a loving wife produces a happy husband and vice versa. On missing her husband when she travels for projects We always travel together.

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