Saturday, 6 June 2015

Nigerians will continue to face fuel scarcity until 13th of June

So many questions still left unanswered as Nigerians are wondering why 13th of June before the fuel scarcity disappears. The Nigerian Oil marketers say the lingering fuel scarcity nationwide will come to an end on or before the 13th of this month. The oil marketers blame the traffic gridlock at the Oshodi-Apapa express is largely responsible for the scarcity as over 3000 tankers are towing to collect fuel from the Lagos depot to distribute to other parts of the country.


Tim said...

They are just deceiving us,what happened to other means of transport,cargo on water

Lara said...

The suffer head in Naija is too much

Becky said...

My aunt slept at the filling station on her arrival to Nigeria after short trip to India just to get fuel to run her generator at home,the new govt shld show us the change quickly before we react o,enough is enough