Sunday, 21 June 2015

Actor Ik Ogbonna is a proud father

What a bundle of joy for Ik Ogbonna and his Colombian fiancee Sonia Morales as they welcome their baby into the world
He gives a shout on IG
@sonialareinaa you are just an amazing woman .. U made 9months seem like 9 days Never complained for one day Never nagged Never fought me for a second Always supporting me and my stubborn head. Thank u
This is his second child as he has a daughter from a previous relationship


John said...

IK na u o when is the wedding coming up na

Tori said...

Oyibo baby,very handsome chap

Anonymous said...

IK my man

Ehi said...

We are celebrating baby mamas is that the in thing now,our young ones will claim this as cool and its no big deal getting married anymore,just pop a child when times

Murphy said...

Tell that one to Anna Banner and Sandra baby mama to flavour