Saturday, 27 June 2015


Lagos Fashion Awards is runway show with an edge in fashion and style, a platform set to develop, empower and encourage talented designers and models, with the responsibility of boosting, revitalizing and re-branding the Nigerian fashion industry through our events which discourages social ill-norms and values among the youths with a view of making NIGERIA great. Our AIMS cut across geographical and cultural barriers and position itself as youth empowerment fashion show targeted at showcasing the best African designs, driving the Nigerian fashion industry and ultimately uplift its profile within the globe.

Lagos Fashion Awards is an organization set to celebrate outstanding Stars & Lifetime Achievers in the Fashion/Entertainment industry, who have distinguished themselves rightly within the business circle of Fashion/Entertainment and has in one way or the order proven that through fashion, style & creativity, one can impact lives, create jobs and also make a living.

List of Lagos Fashion award categories:

Lagos Fashion Awards 2015 Tagged "Fashion Our Heritage" will be centred at promoting the use of African fabric popularly known as Ankara into fashion designing, which is our heritage. We are using this medium to create awareness to change people’s perspective towards African fabric as aged, out of fashion and fabric of the poor. Lagos Fashion Awards is primed at showcasing how colourful and glamorous Ankara fabric.

OFFICIAL UNVIELING OF LAGOS FASHION AWARDS 2015 CATEGORIES Following the most spectacular and successful story of the first, second and third edition of what the media has named Nigeria’s biggest and most creative contemporary Award Ceremony/Fashion Show Organised by Royhills Fashion House, Lagos Fashion Awards is gradually becoming a cultural and lifestyle brand and for this reason, wherever Lagos Fashion Awards is staged in Lagos, the venues are often filled with celebrities and overwhelmed crowd of excited people, longing for a quality runway Fashion show the event is reputed for.

To Officially Unveil this year Categories, here are 23 Award Categories to look out for at Lagos Fashion Awards 2015 as Nominations kicks off 6th of July and expected to end on the 26th of July 2015

 Most fashionable actor of the year
 most fashionable actress of the year
 most fashionable fast rising actor of the year
 most fashionable fast rising actress of the year
fashion designer of the year (male)
 fashion designer of the year (female)
 fast rising fashion designer of the year
 fashion accessory designer of the year
 fashion stylist of the year
 fashion makeup house of the year
 Model of the year (male)
model of the year (female)
modeling agency of the year
most fashionable pageant king of the year
 most fashionable pageant queen of the year
most fashionable comedian of the year
 most fashionable dj of the year
 most fashionable student of the year (male)
 most fashionable student of the year (female)
 most fashionable artist of the year (male)
 most fashionable artist of the year (female)
 fashion creative Entrepreneur of the year
 fashion supportive brand of the year


Akpan said...

How do I participate, i am an excellent dancer and singer tho iam just coming up

Philip said...

Again,hope no cheating this time,Tonto Dike aka Totolet winning it was unbelievable

Eric said...

Royhills house of fashion shld get website and valuable information all the long write up is not necessary for someone like me who is lazy to ready,too lengthy

Pat said...

We need a number or address

Camela said...

Please how is this creating job for the youth and how do i apply

Andrea said...

More and clearer info on how we can perform,i am in the entertainment world I can let my people know about this but we need proper information