Wednesday, 8 April 2015

White police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina murder saga

Yes he’s been charged for murder with such a gruesome act,if not for the video the truth would have been hidden…. He shot unarmed black man five times in the back then handcuffed his lifeless body after he crumpled on the ground was captured on tape and it's shocking.

Police officer Michael Slager, 33, opened fire on father-of-4 Walter Scott, 50, on Saturday morning April 4th after stopping him over a broken tail light. The police officer was arrested yesterday April 7th after the video was seen by police. He had initially claimed he shot Scott because he feared for his life, but the video shows Scott actually fleeing from him. The officer shot 8 times, three missed Scott, a Coast Guard veteran.
This racism is it ever going to end?

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