Friday, 17 April 2015

Religious clash on a boat in Italy kills 12 Nigerians& Ghanian migrants plus the xenophobic attack of Nigerians in SA

I learnt this a long time ago that there are sensitive topics that are not okay to discuss mostly in a gathering with strangers…Religion is one of them ….. according to the Italian police, illegal immigrants, 105 of them in number, left Libya on Tuesday in a rubber boat with Muslim migrants- Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal a fight broke out because the victims 'professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim'.

Angry South Africans launched a xenophobic attack on African migrants in Johannesburg on Friday April 10th. They want them to pack up all the business here and leave to their own country…according to reports, 5 Gabonese, 10 Somalis and 5 Congolese students were also killed with some of their bodies set ablaze during the attack and 10 Nigerians feared dead. And the main reason behind this attack is that the black migrants from other African countries are taking all the jobs available to young men in their country, leaving them, the citizens jobless, and slowly taking over their economy

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