Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Meet the new Nigerian President 2015 General Muhammad Buhari

Nigerians have decided as Gen.Buhari wins in Borno -APC 473,543.

 It has been drama,suspense,intrigue in this 2015 election. Nigerians were determined, come rain come shine,despite the fact the casting ran into the night the citizens were eager to get it over and done with, to the extent that the people used their touch on their phones,light from their cars and even gathered money together to hire generators when the power went off to ensure that the votes were counted after their casting.

Some people came as early as 8am to cast their vote at their polling unit but everything was delayed yet they still waited patiently even till 2am to see that the election was a success.

 Congrats to GMB as he won in most parts of the states in Nigeria.

My question now is.......What will the new Nigeria look like in the next five years?

Current president GEJ calls General Muhammad Buhari to congratulate him on his victory

See the photo of the call and also is a picture of APC celebrating at APC headquarters in Abuja

8pm today the final result from INEC - result on 2015 presidential election

 PDP wins in Taraba and Edo state,Delta state and of course APC wins in Sokoto at 8pm we will get the final result as we await Borno state

Buhari is leading with 2.9million vote Nigeria 2015 election

PDP wins in Plateau state, in Ebonyi and Bayelsa state,Cross River while APC wins in Niger state, Lagos state and Gombe
PDD not happy with INEC chairman with the results in Kaduna,Kano since young children who were not eligible were vote and jigwaand PDP officials say Jega is biased with the election that it seems to be in favour of APC
Yobe,Bauchi,Benue,Kebbi,Zamfara,Adamawa state APC won in these states

 APC has 13,760,747 votes while PDP has 10,866,249 votes among the 31states. Meaning APC is ahead of PDP with 2,894,498 votes. Awaiting results in 5 states  - Sokoto, Taraba, Borno, Edo and Delta.

Monday, 30 March 2015

PDP leads in Abia state,Anambra but APC ahead in these areas

Kaduna state , Katsina state ,Jigawa sate and Kano state,but in Akwa Ibom& Imo state PDP won meanwhile,there was unrest in Enugu and Rivers state. So far APC has won in 10 states and PDP in 9 states..........to be continued tomorrow,the 31st of March for more results.

27 states for presidential 2015 election results

INEC has announced results for 9 states and PDP has 2,332,734 votes while APC has 2,302,978 votes, though APC won five states and PDP four states. More results at 8pm today