Sunday, 30 June 2013

Undergraduate discovered giant ants in private part after sex with yahoo boyfriend

Unbelievable but true:
Yahoo Plus is an elevated form of Yahoo business. This is the employment of rituals as a cover up for Yahoo business. Those involved in the Yahoo business now use their girlfriends, relations and even family members for rituals in their bid to get quick money. One of the most recent occurrences is the story of a 21 years old undergraduate of  Tai Solarin University, Ogun State, who miraculously survived this ritual ordeal from her boyfriend. And when she overcame this, she was full of excitement as she went as far as giving the testimony in Church. Even though circumstances that led her into the situation were against the biblical injunction of resisting fornication, but that did not stop her from sharing her testimony because she would have been dead if not for God.

This is her shocking story: “My name is Vera, I am 21 years old and want to share my true life story that I was almost a victim of. I had a boyfriend named Jide, he is a yahoo boy and we dated for three months and he spoilt me silly with expensive gifts. Jide and I used to have sex constantly but we insisted we always used condoms, until one day he insisted we don’t use condom. I asked him why and he got angry so I agreed and just then, I remembered

that I had a female condom, so I excused myself and went to the toilet to put it on. We then had sex and immediately he jumped up and said he had something to do for his father. He dressed up quickly and dropped some money on the bed and left. I immediately went to the bathroom to clean up, as soon as I removed the condom; I saw worms and big black ants inside it. I screamed and ran out, but he had driven out of the compound If I hadn’t used the female condom, all those worms were meant to enter inside me and kill me as part of the money ritual process, she said as she wept almost uncontrollably.

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Afrocandy warns guys not to send fake pictures of their D***ks for her audition

AfroCandy had this on her Facebook wall...
"Please don't send me no 'FAKE DICKS'. Before you send me any DICK pictures, make sure it's yours cos it will be very bad when you come to my AUDITIONS, I open it, and it looks different from the pics.. Still on the matter yo ! warned !!"

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tonto Dike reacts to being sent to jail

More of her tweet

All I want is your waist, and she ain't even know it" Iyanya replies Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne&Iyaya used to date, anyways here is part of the lyrics
"Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine. She called that she's coming over and I ride her like a jangolova. All I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing. All I want is your waist, she ain't even know it. 

"I was utterly misconstrued"- Juliet Ibrahim on her previous statement regarding OJB's health

The controversial statement she made on OJB's fundraising issue that Kidney transplants don't cost 100k. She has released a statement clarifying her intentions. Read below.
'I was utterly misconstrued with my tweets on OJB’s treatment, I honestly didn’t mean cheap, I meant at a reduced cost with better treatment.
Currently I have 2 relatives living with kidney failure whom I’m responsible for and caring for, thus, I’m no stranger to whatever OJB is going through.”
“I don’t mean for my tweets to be misconstrued and I won’t take OJB’s health problems with levity as many have misconstrued me.

All I was trying to do was bring an idea of where we can get the transplant done since it’s utmost necessary we get it done soonest and funds ain’t coming in as much expected. Thus, I thought we could try a better and certified centre which isn’t as expensive as the current one in UK when there are several cheaper countries to perform the surgery.
Also instead of people lashing out on celebrities, they should rather be asking the government to help.
“It should be further noted that we are all finding a lasting solution to help end the pain of the talented entertainer and bring smile to his face once again and not generate issue out of someone’s suggestion or hand of help.

 in other news, the government has reportedly pulled out from OJB's case because of conflicting reports regarding the funds raised by him. This is related to claims circulating that Dbanj paid 7 million, Wizkid, 2 million and 2face, 1.5 million.
The government is reportedly saying they have to conduct their own tests on him..

Couple fall to their death while having sex by the window

The couple is believed to have been making love in an apartment block in China when the window shattered in the throes of passion. The man and woman then plunged to their deaths on the pavement below.

Horrified witnesses told China media that the couple held onto each other tightly as they fell.
Shocking pictures emerged which claimed to show the couple lying on the pavement.
Chinese officials can be seen covering the bodies with sheets.

Culled from Mirror  news