Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes end marriage

This is so sad, the rate of divorce in marriages these days especially to those couples some people look up to as role models is alarming. Their wedding which took place in an an Italian castle in November 2006. They have a daughter Suri, 6. 

After five years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.

It is unclear whether divorce papers have been filed with the court, said TMZ. It was also reported that there has an exclusive photo of Tom photographed with another woman in Iceland two days ago.

Katie has been in new York City all week wearing her wedding ring. TMZ was told Tom and Katie did have a prenuptial agreement. "The net worth of both Tom and Katie is around $275 mil, but clearly Tom raked in most of that.

" The last time Tom and Katie were seen together in public was back in February. She did not attend any of the "Rock of Ages" premieres, his latest movie release.

This was Holmes's first marriage and the third for Cruise, who previously was married to actress Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children, and actress Mimi Rogers.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Snoop Dogg detained at Norway airport

40 yr old Snoop Dogg was detained in Norway airport for carrying 8 grams of marijuana'
And he was also fined 52,000 kroner ($8,600) for the violations for carrying more cash than is legally allowed.

Photos of yesterday's rainfall

 Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road by Mobil Filling Station,some areas in Aguda, Surulere, Victoria Island, Mafoluku, Oshodi with streets occupied with heavy flood, causing bad traffic.

Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo as adviser to New World Oil and Gas plc.

He got the new appointment in London to promote investment in Nigeria

In one of his statements about corruption, he said “There is no part of the world where corruption is absolutely eliminated,” he said. “But in other countries, corruption has not been a way of life. When you are found, you are dealt with. And that’s what we need. The givers of most of the corruption in Africa are from outside Africa. They do in Africa things they would not do in their own countries.

What is wrong with picture?

Apart from the dress being overly exposed at the chest area,peeps seriously what is wrong with this fashion?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mr. Austen Oniwon Group Managing Director has been sacked by GEJ, Mr. Andrew Yakubu was named to replace him

The president removed the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mr. Austen Oniwon, and three group executive directors.
Part of the speech that caught my attention was this:

The President, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists, Mr. Afe Mayowa, while commenting on the appointment said, “Yakubu is a man of integrity. He is a geologist and very competent. This appointment means that government is serious to check corruption. It is a welcome development.”

“If you fix the NNPC, you fix Nigeria. Yakubu represents this. This is in line with the move to fix the NNPC.”

The GEDs sent packing alongside Oniwon are Mr. Michael Arokodare, in charge of Finance and Accounts; Mr. Phillip Chukwu, Refineries & Petrochemicals; Mr. Billy Agha, Engineering & Technology.

Oh well!, lets be watching and see what these new people have for our nation.

Yvonne the highest paid actress in Ghollywood

She Charges $10,000 for Appearance ….does that mean her power of negotiation is no way near that of Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari ?
This industry is so unpredictable…. Report has that Yvonne Nelson, a model, designer, businesswoman

and actress who has featured in thousands of international movies with the latest being Halima Abubakar's new movie 'Mistress' doesn't negotiate with her country's currency(ie the Ghanaian currency) but universal currency, USD.

 Aside the $10,000,there are other conditions attached and once they are not met, you can as well try the next door, ever since she won a mouth-watering contract from Ghana telecommunication giant, Vodafone.

British firm Unilever has been fined £3,100 by a Brazilian court after a housewife found a used condom in a tin of tomato paste.

To those who think this is what one can find only abroad, remember the Unilever company is also present in Nigeria. 
Cintia Mayerle and her family had already eaten the meal prepared with the paste when she discovered the rubber condom as she poured the remainder into a storage jar.

Mrs Mayerle, from Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, took the tin of Knorr tomato paste and its contents to the local university for analysis. But she claims Unilever refused to believe that the condom had been found inside their product.
The company told Brazil's Supreme Court that the offending article could not have been inserted into the tin at the factory because the process is fully mechanised. But the court ruled in Mrs Mayerle's favour and today also awarded her £1,110 for moral damages she claimed to have suffered.

 She told Brazil's Globo newspaper: 'It was the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me.

 Unilever was founded in England in the 1890s and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer goods, with brands including Knorr, Bertolli, Wall's and Flora.


Arik Air passengers remained locked inside the plane because the aircraft’s fuel tank selector developed fault,allegedly

This is becoming really unbearable imagine reading this kind of News when we have not recovered from the shock of those that died from DANA airline less than a month ago;
Passengers scurried to exit doors on Sunday night as Arik flight W3 272, which was diverted to Port Harcourt from Abuja, remained grounded for more than one hour with more than 100 people onboard at the Port Harcourt airport.

The terrified passengers remained locked inside the plane allegedly because the aircraft’s fuel tank selector had developed a fault. Experts say that a faulty fuel tank selector may lead to fuel mismanagement and engine failure, as the pilot finds it difficult to determine the exact amount of fuel remaining in the tank. An empty engine can lead to a crash, they say.

The Lagos-bound plane was diverted to Port Harcourt at about 6 p.m. allegedly to pick more passengers only to be grounded there for more than one hour. “We were travelling to Lagos from Abuja and were delayed for more than two hours at Nnamdi Azikiwe airport. But when we finally took off, instead of coming straight to Lagos, we were informed that the plane would go to Port Harcourt first to pick more passengers.

 “Once in Port Harcourt, we did not pick any passenger. We were there for more than an hour and people became worried and wanted to get off the plane after the pilot informed a passenger that the plane had a selector problem,” a passenger onboard told P.M.NEWS.

 “Later the pilot said that the aircraft needed 500 litres of aviation fuel and we realised that he did not have enough fuel as well. Passengers moved to the exit door and they refused to let us out. There was commotion as we began sending text messages to our family members, not knowing what was going on or what could happen,” he said.

 “They had total disregard for us and did not even feel that after delaying us for more than three hours, they had to apologise or provide an explanation,” he added, echoing the mood and feelings of other trapped passengers. As the commotion went on and the delay lasted, a passenger who was travelling to Dubai from Lagos missed his flight.

He threatened to report the airline to the Senate. Passengers wondered why the plane was allowed to leave Abuja airport without enough fuel, an oversight that has caused a raft of air disasters around the world. When contacted, Banji Ola, Arik Air spokesperson said that the claims, corroborated by other passengers, were unfounded

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Millionaire sues his ex-wife over her £640,000 designer shoe collection

On the basis that she hid the financial value of her 1,200 pairs of shoes from him in their divorce settlement three years ago

Shoe-lover Beth Shak, 42, was stunned to discover former husband Daniel, 52, a wealthy hedge fund manager, is claiming 35% of her designer hoard.

After their divorce, Beth moved to a luxury home near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her two children Lindy, 17, and Austin, 15. She is thought to be a multi-millionaire following the end of her marriage.

She said, I will “fight him all the way”

A Nigerian becomes the best graduating student of John Hopkins University in the United States.

Very Inspiring

A 22-year-old Nigerian, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, has made history at John Hopkins University, United States of America. Ohuabunwa from Arochukwu, Abia State, has done the nation proud by becoming the first black man to make a Grade Point Average of 3.98 out of 4.0 to bag a degree in Neurosciences in the university. He was also adjudged as having the highest honours during the graduation that was held on May 24 this year.

The suspension of all Part-time programmes in Nigerian Universities

According to the report; Executive Secretary of the commission, Professor Julius Okojie, briefing newsmen in Abuja on Monday said part-time programmes had been abused by universities.

He said the decision was aimed at rationalising the programmes so as to bring them in line with global best practices and standards.

 Okojie said the suspension became imperative in view of the fact that some universities run part-time programmes illegally and some other cases the institutions have over-bloated population in the admission process.
 He disclosed that when the ban would eventually be lifted, admission to part-time programme would not exceed 20 per cent intake, adding that lectures for all part-time programmes would be restricted to university campuses only.

 He said: “For now, all part-time programmes are suspended, we are going to streamline them. In effect, we should not have more than 20 per cent of the total students’ population on part-time programmes.

 “All part-time programmes must be located on campus, we don't want satellite campuses again.” He stressed that regulation was the major part of the commission's activities and NUC would not hesitate to wield the big stick on any defaulting institution.

Credits:Nigerian Tribune

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Wedding of Kolo Toure (Manchester City defender)

 He   got married to his long time girlfriend, Chimene Akassou penultimate weekend in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Held  at a mosque in the capital city while they proceeded to a registry to sign their marriage documents.

They have been living together as couple for nine years until they finally got married on June 15, 2012. They already have two children from their relationship, Sania (daughter) and Yiassin (son).

The occasion was embraced by friends of the Ivory Coast international and former Arsenal man. His younger brother and Manchester City teammate, Yaya was present to support the current English Premiership League (EPL) winner.

A 15-year-old British schoolgirl, Stacey Comerford has just woken up from a two-month sleep only to find she had missed nine GCSE exams.

Stacey suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. She only gets up to go to the toilet or get a drink but she's not awake.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the condition mainly affects adolescent males and is characterized by episodes of excessive sleep. 

Affected individuals are completely normal between these episodes but may sleep up to 20 hours a day for extended periods of time. It’s estimated that just 1,000 people worldwide have the condition.
 “When she’s in an episode, she might get up to go to the toilet or get a drink but she’s not awake. I call it sleep mode,” her mother Bernie Richards explained to a british newspaper, adding that Stacey has lost nearly 28lbs because of the condition. 

“I’ve missed nine exams and my birthday in November,” Stacey said. Stacey started experiencing symptoms about a year ago, but the condition is so rare that she was only diagnosed in March, according to The Mirror.
 There is no known cure for Kleine-Levin Syndrome, but some experts believe individuals grow out of it.

Mr.White sues Jay Z for plagiarism

Rapper Jay Z is presently being sued over his 2010 best-seller ‘Decoded’ by a writer, Patrick White, who claims, his work was illegally used in the book.
According to the lawsuit, filed on June 13, Mr. White, claims that portions of Jay Z’s book were taken from his laptop, which was stolen in 2009.
Jay Z,holding a copy of the book

‘In 2009, my personal computer was compromised, resulting in my personal work to be used in Jay-Z’s book Decoded which was released in 2010’ White said. White is suing for copyright infringement and invasion of property.

‘The book contains various expressions/colours/phrases, which correlates to my work. After contacting or attempting to contact the co-author, I got no reply’, he added. Authors Dream Hampton and Random House who are co-authors of the book are also named in the hand-written lawsuit.

Neither Jay Z nor his management have made a statement concerning the lawsuit.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

NIMET forecasts seven-day rainfall for Lagos

The city of Lagos is to experience a seven-day consecutive rainfall, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) revealed on Saturday.
Making this disclosure was Mr Abayomi Oyegoke of the NIMET Central Forecast Unit, Oshodi, Lagos who also revealed that that a total of 570mm of rainfall had been recorded in Lagos State between January and June this year.
Oyegoke explained that the rains being experienced in state were the beginning of a seven-day rainfall.
In his words, “In the last one week, it appears we are experiencing a prelude to the normal seven days rainfall and immediately after the seven days rain, what should be the next, is the little dry season.

“The dry season indicates the onset of the ‘August break’ and it seems the break may come early this year towards the second or third week in July, this is also normal,” he said.

He said the August break was an indication of the first break of the peak of the rainfall over the swamp forest area. Oyegoke said that the announcement by the Lagos State Ministry of Environment that rain would fall for 238 days was misleading, as that period was the duration of all the rainfall in the state.
He urged residents to keep their surroundings clean to prevent flooding.

Rev Chris Okotie second marriage fails

Rev Chris Okotie got married to Stephanie Henshaw in 2008. He announced in his church(Household of God Church International Ministries) today that their marriage has ended.

A man’s joystick, chopped off and stuffed into his mouth

There  are some reports that are so shocking a case in point 

…..It’s what every social media has been talking about.

One’s thought would be what could have caused this?Personally this is sheer wickedness