Saturday, 31 March 2012

Photo of the day

“Tinsel” Stars! Looking smashing, ain't they?

Justin Bieber-"I'm not getting married anytime soon, ladies!

What most people were talking about lately: Justin Bieber, getting married to Selena Gomez, oh well in a recent radio interview, Justin Bieber stated unequivocally that he was in no hurry to wed Selena Gomez—or anyone else for that matter. He's just not ready for marriage. 

 Justin Bieber (18years) has been dating Selena Gomez(19 years) for a while now and he seems to be in no rush for marriage,afterall Jay and Beyonce were together for YEARS before getting married.  But do you think their own wedding is going to take that long?

Is this suspicious or a mere coincidence?

What a a world we live in, one minute you are excited you got a new job,the next minute families are mourning your death.....that is not fair?

This occurred on the 28th March, 2012 at Ozoro-Asaba Expressway, Ellu, in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State at 8pm about a kilometer from a hotel, Seven employees of the hotel owned by  Oduduyekeyeke  as he was popularly called, including the manager were killed.
The twist to this story was that according to an eyewitness said the employees were returning from a sensitisation rally organised by the management for the newly employed workers when it ran into a stationary lorry, killing seven out of the eight passengers in the bus. A source in the family of one of the deceased said the death of the boys from Ozoro was ‘’suspicious’’. He alleged all the boys that wore the hotel branded T-shirts died, except the one who refused to wear the shirt.

So sad, may their souls rest in peace.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Kardashians – the 3Ks what happened to Kourtney’s pregnancy?

This was the photo of kourtney taken in late January by paparazzi and that’s what she looked like then 
On Tuesday, Kim posted this picture of  a promo ad of herself, Kourtney, and Khloe in bikinis wearing their Kardashian  Kollection at Sears. 
Wow! are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Photos of Bola Tinubu's week-long birthday celebration

This this what the yorubas call owambe.......hmmm! so much going on

Sauce Kid -The hottest African artists on the planet?


 Really?Seriously? you be the judge.

21st April 2012, Stephanie Okereke set to marry.

Stephanie who has been dating Idahosa Linus, CEO of Del York International, for some time now got every woman’s dream proposal when Linus went down on one knee on her birthday in 2010 and asked her to marry him.  

Sources indicate that the venue for the wedding could be in Paris and is expected to attract a bevy of Stars from Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of the world.

Preparations for the wedding have already started with the actress calling her exclusive guest to find out where their invitations should be sent to.

Congrats Stephanie

Ankara versus Lace

Ladies which would you rather go for/men which would you prefer for your woman.

The model who died from starvation- trying to be the super skinny model

Hila Elmalich, is a 33-year old fashion model from Israel. Hila suffered from anorexia. She died from this disease on November 14 when her heart simply stopped pumping because it didn’t have the nutrients or energy it needed to do its job. Hila weighed less than 60 pounds.

Nawo!is this an attractive sight in the 1st place? ....anyways may her soul rest in peace.