Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Relationship|Ways Of Improving Your Lifestyle

when last did you take a stroll around the estate,when last did you have fun doing it urself????? Why don’t u give ur driver a day off anytime during the weekend, u and ur wife or that special person in ur life take time out to wash and wax the car and have great fun doing so........ she looking all hot and sexy in her bum shorts . WHY not, u could also spend time cooking that special meal 2gther (he might not know how to cook, but he could chop the onions/tomatoes),this allows for relax conversation,not only will u'll bond with her, u'll also burn off those fats after lovely meal and a hot passionate intimate moment with one another.
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Why not go fishing with her, u don’t necessarily have to catch a fish but that moment trying to bait a fish could be one of the most memorable time of ur life…….the laughter you share,the effort you both put into trying to catch the fish could go a long way in strengthening the bond you both share.These are totally doable,right? There are ton of ideas,the secret to enhancing your relationship has less to do with relationship talks and more to do with having a good time 2gther.Understanding your partner,say he likes games: watching or going to a game with him is a blast,he will appreciate the effort,take a shower 2gther,if she likes sweet word:leaving her love notes/text,will do the magic, every now and then exchange gifts,understand him or her body language does wonders...(trust us)....we can go on and on ...the real key is UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER. In case you are wondering how about the kids,hey.....plan dropping them off for few hours with your mother or someone you know you trust and is reliable.....few hours won't hurt.